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Welcome to the AussieWrestling.com Wrestling Archives. This site is dedicated to the archival of Queensland's Golden Age of Wrestling as well as following other Australian's as they make a success in the bigger Federations.

AussieWrestling.com is the own to the largest online collection of Australian / Queensland Wrestling. Most of the content on this site is owned by or partly owned by OzX. We feature videos from PWAQ, PWAU, Prowl, AWA, GWE AWF, ACWA, GPW and many more. AussieWrestling.com officially owns 102 volumes of wrestling and the official lineage will be headlined with a number from 001 to 102. Non lineage events will be featured in Chronological order with the designation featuring the Fed Initials and which volume it is in my collection eg ACWA01. All of the videos and individual matches are in chronological order. The video archives are currently being uploaded and are incomplete. AussieWrestling.com is also uploaded as much archival material as possible like poster and championship histories. If you have anything you would like to contribute please contact us here. Hope you enjoy.

Pages of Interest[]

Championship Lineages[]

Active Championships[]


Ringside Addiction History[]

  • PWAQueensland - 2007 to 2012
  • PWAUnderground - 2008 to 2009
  • Global Wrestling Entertainment - 2012
  • High Impact Wrestling Australia - 2014 to 2015
  • NCPW2|National Championship Pro Wrestling - 2016
  • Chaos Championship Wrestling - 2016 to 2017
  • Southern Territory Wrestling - 2021 to present

The Story[]

PWAQueensland The Pro Wrestling Alliance Queensland was founded in 2007 by Luke Davison and Josh Taylor as an alternate to the then dominant Major Impact Wrestling after frustrations stemming from lack of events being produced by MIW. PWAQ started as a member of the Pro Wrestling Alliance in Australia along with PWA Elite in Sydney, PWA Canberra and breifly the original PWA in Melbourne. Early events featured roster members and championship matches from all PWA Members.

In 2008, Davison had a professional disagreement with Sydney PWA Promoter Doug Ryan and PWAQ removed itself from the Alliance. This lead to the formation of PWA Underground by Stephen Molina to take its place in the alliance while running as a sub-brand of PWAQ. This arrangement lasted just over a year when Molina left PWAQ to form the Australian Wrestling Alliance and be completely independent of Davison.

In 2010, PWAQ was sold to Andrew Venables, under the guise that AV was the only one stupid enough to pay the money Davison was asking. However to everyone's disbelief, AV was able to fight the sabotage from the PWAQ high ups and roster to keep the company a float till 2012 and several legacies alive to this very day.

In 2013 PWAQ closed its doors after an attempted Roster Mutiny led by Linx Lewis Junior. The storylines continued into United Pro Wrestling whilst the legacies continued into High Impact Wrestling and later Chaos Championship and Ringside Addiction.

High Impact Wrestling High Impact Wrestling Australia (aka APEX Wrestling) is an Australian federation founded in 2014 by Steven Venabes and Nathan McFadyen / Gordon. It is considered a direct continuation of PWAQueensland.

In 2014 Andrew Venables, who had previously owned PWAQ decided to promote wrestling shows again after an 18 month absence. He teamed with Steven Venables and Nathan McFadyen and set to change the face of Queensland Wrestling. High Impact promoted 4 events before it was closed down in favor of keeping certain legacies alive through the Australasian Wrestling Federation and later Chaos Championship Wrestling after an attempted corporate takeover by Nathan and Tash Wilkins from the entity's legal owner.

High Impact Wrestling also saw the disgrace of Nathan McFadyen who used the name Nathan Gordon, who till Summer 2017 was hiding in Imbil from multiple lawsuits regarding money owed and personal transgressions.

Chaos Championship Wrestling Chaos Championship Wrestling was set up by Ryan Stacey and Dee McDonald in mid 2016. Originally meant to be a completely new federation, Dee ended up purchasing all of the previously used championships, trademarks and insurance policies to keep costs down. With the return of the 6-sided ring which was used in HIW, CCW became a legacy continuation debuting with the 10th Rise of the Warriors tournament.

Ringside Addiction Ringside Addiction was formed as a joint production between Chaos Championship Wrestling and the Australasian Wrestling Federation. Both federations are considered promoters of the events primarily held in Brisbane Queensland. It is considered the ultimate collaboration between companies across two states and promotional allies that has been 9 years in the making. The company uses talent and championships from both companies. Today Ringside Addiction promotes its own branded events and co-promotes events with several companies across Australia.

Bookers and Promoters[]

PWAQ Promoters

  • Luke Davison - 2007 to 2010
  • Andrew Venables - 2010 to 2013

PWAQ Bookers

  • Luke Davison - 2007 to 2012
  • Josh Haze - 2011
  • Joe Haze - 2011
  • Steven Venables - 2011 to 2012
  • Joel Bateman - 2012
  • Anthony Wilcox - 2012 to 2013


  • Promoter and Booker - Esteban Molina

Global Wrestling Entertainment

  • Promoters and Bookers - Trent Whatman and Wade Brewer

High Impact Wrestling

  • Owner - Andrew Venables
  • Promoter and Booker - Nathan Gordon

Chaos Championship Wrestling / Ringside Addiction

  • Promoter and Owner - Dee McDonald
  • Bookers - Ryan Stacey and Dee McDonald - 2016 to 2017
  • Bookers - Greg Bownds - 2017
  • Promoter and Booker - Rebecca Briggs - 2021 - present

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