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Rise of the Warriors is an annual professional wrestling tournament held in Australia once per calendar year. It is Australia's longest running tournament starting in 2007 and Australia's second longest running annual event. It started off as the primary event for PWAQueensland in Bridsbane with the first seven tournaments hosted by PWAQ. Rise of the Warriors 8 was the first event to go interstate hosted in Victoria by Gippsland Pro Wrestling and Rise of the Warriors  9 in Sydney by long time business associates, the Australasian Wrestling Federation. Rise of the Warriors 10 returned to Queensland and was hosted by Chaos Championship Wrestling, the spiritual successor to PWAQ. Rise's 11 and 12 were again hosted by CCW / Ringside Addiction in Brisbane and Rise13 returning to New South Wales for only the second time being hosted by All-Star Wrestling Australia in Woolongong.

Rise of the Warriors started as a 16-man Tournament run over two nights, however from Rise9 onwards it was decided to run as an 8-Man tournament however we are in negotiations for 2020 to have an 8-Man and 8-Woman Tournament for Rise14.

Rise of the Warriors 1 and 2 was contested by international star Chris Hero now known as Kassius Ohno in WWE NXT. Rise was created by Luke Davison, one of the founders of PWAQ. In 2010, PWAQ and the rights to Rise was sold to Andrew Venables who continues to run the tournament annually.

Winners of Rise

  1. 2007 - Mason Childs - PWAQ
  2. 2008 - Esteban Molina - PWAQ
  3. 2009 - AJ Istria - PWAQ
  4. 2010 - Seoul - PWAQ
  5. 2011 - Mason Childs (2) - PWAQ
  6. 2012 - Jade Diamond - PWAQ
  7. 2013 - Mystery - PWAQ
  8. 2014 - Benny Factor - GPW
  9. 2015 - Spaceman Dacey - AWF
  10. 2016 - DeeJay Havok - CCW
  11. 2017 - EC Diamond - AWF/CCW
  12. 2018 - Alex Cuevas - Ringside Addiction
  13. 2019 - Keegan Brettle - All-Star Wrestling Australia
  14. 2020 - Miles Malice - Suplex Wrestling